Protect yourself against data breaches and identity theft.

Data is lurking everywhere from mobile phones to computers to printers and copiers. Reliable data erasure is a critical first step toward reuse when you’re ready to transition a gadget to another user.

Don’t trust the assurances of trade-in places and collection events—take control, and be sure your personal information is secure!

Consider getting professional help. Data erasure procedures can be technical, and often encounter glitches. An IT services provider or disposition company will have the expertise to do it right—for a fee. Make sure your device is password protected first. Be sure to get a document certifying that your data has been erased. On the other hand, if you choose to DIY:

First determine whether your device is data bearing. Some things like phones and computers are obvious, of course. Check the manufacturer’s online documentation. When in doubt, get help rather than risk a breach of your personal information.

See if the manufacturer has provided an app for erasing their device. If so, make sure that it truly erases the data; some “resets” merely disable access, leaving the actual data intact.

Purchase a specialized data erasure application that is compatible with your device. Ensure that you get a “success” message after sanitizing your gadget. If you have any doubt, assume that the data has NOT been erased.

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