Your Unwanted PC is Someone Else’s Success

A donated computer can be a stepping stone to prosperity for those who can’t afford the purchase. Just follow a few easy guidelines:

Think of this like a gift to a friend. Make sure your donation is in good operating condition, complete with all accessories, and clean.

Include legal, licensed software. A computer is useless without basic operating and productivity software. And everything needs to be properly licensed in order for the recipient to receive support.

Erase your personal information and any software you intend to continue using on other devices. Check out our Privacy advice.

Give your gift to someone you know, or an established charity, to ensure your donation is actually put to good use.

Sage’s Good Together SM Program

We partner with experienced non-profits to guarantee your donation will change someone’s life.

Sage Advice

It’s tempting to give your old stuff “as-is” to a charity or someone who could use it “as-is.” This is a kind of dumping! Such donations are rarely put to good use, and are better recycled.