Find Value and Reliability in Refurbished Electronics

Good, refurbished electronics can be a great bargain. Did you know that refurbished is often more reliable than new?

“Refurbished” means different things to different people. Look for items that have been thoroughly tested and cleaned, loaded with software and are ready for use out of the box, including all needed accessories and consumables, and a warranty.

Buy from companies you trust. Your warranty depends on it. Is there a simple way to contact the refurbisher? How easily you can offer feedback is proportional to how much they care about your satisfaction.

Make sure any software included is properly licensed so you can receive support from the publisher. If the refurbisher doesn’t provide evidence of valid licensing, the software is probably illegitimate.

Compare specifications to Sage BlueBook to judge the value of your device. An upgrade or downgrade changes in how much your gadget is worth.