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Businesses can minimize both their technology risk and “cost of ownership” by combining a reuse strategy with a robust data security process.

An effective disposition program is critical in modern business. Refurbishing, redeploying and reselling can keep your bottom line (and the environment) healthy.

Don’t compromise on data security. The Ponemon Institute estimates the average cost of a data breach in 2014 at $3.5 million. Maintain documentary proof by serial number that every data-bearing device has been properly sanitized.

Consider refurbishing and redeploying assets back into your company. Refurbished electronics can be an inexpensive solution for non-demanding applications— at huge savings compared to buying new.

Prepare your surplus for resale. Judicious repair of inoperative devices, and basic refurbishing can optimize the value of your old electronics. Be sure to round up all the related accessories such as cables and AC adapters.

Track the results of your disposition program. Three key performance indicators are:

Reusable Yield:
Measure of environmental sustainability. Shows the percentage reused vs. recycled.

Inventory Variance:
Measure of security. The number of items lost during the retirement process.

Average Selling Price (ASP):
The average sales price of all items remarketed. It’s also useful to look at ASP by product category, e.g., “laptops.”

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