Our big dream is no more
throw-away electronics.

At Sage Sustainable Electronics, we plan to change the world and save the environment by helping people and companies get longer life and greater value from their old electronics.

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What We Do

We work with individuals and companies of all sizes to conveniently and professionally transition their used electronics for further use by themselves or others, and as a last and final resort, recycling.

Who We Are

Sage Sustainable Electronics™ is a brand new business led by people with a long and successful track record of finding new life and value in used electronics. We have a passion for serving customers and improving the world— one used device at a time.

Our Mission

Making the world more sustainable by creating a longer life for used electronics through innovation and redesign.

Our Company

We started Sage Sustainable Electronics with the idea that extending the life of old electronics will help the planet and improve people’s lives.

Sage BlueBook is a free service of Sage Sustainable Electronics. Armed with the facts, we think people will make better and more sustainable choices for their old electronics.

Our Legacy

Most electronics companies are owned by mega-corporations, but we’re owned by three staunch environmentalists—Robert Houghton, Jill Vaské, and Wendy Neu. Our big dream is no more throw-away electronics. At Sage, our work will benefit the planet, our customers, and our employees.